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March 26, 2010


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Thanks for posting this...I need it!


Question - when can we start the raking and aerating? I seem to recall one of your posts from last year that mentioned hibernating ladybugs. I have hundreds in my yard and I'd hate to mess them up. When do they normally wake up?

Janice Miller-Young

Good question!  The worry about ladybugs has more to do with cleaning up garden debris in your beds.  They like to hibernate under dead leaves etc. and its best to try not to disturb them - generally May 1 is safe but of course it always depends on the weather!  Lawns are another matter because ladybugs arent usually sleeping in the lawns.  Its supposed to be safe to rake and aerate once the frost is out of the ground and it is dry - so again this is a little dependent on weather but also on how much sun you have in your yard.  My yard is quite shady and Id say its not quite time to rake the lawn yet but a sunnier lawn would probably be fine.  The rule about when to clean up your lawn has more to do with not compacting the soil (walking on wet soil = bad) than it does with ladybugs.

Hope that helps!


That totally helps - thanks!

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