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February 22, 2010


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Teresa McLaren

I have a cotoneaster hedge with a dead patch I would like to thin and rejuvenate as well as an individual shrub in my front yard I would like to get rid of. What is the best way to get rid of the shrub. Chainsaw down to the ground? Thanks I love your blog!

Janice Miller-Young

Good question Teresa!

The best way is to cut the branches off at the ground and dig out the root ball.  Youll probably need an axe and/or a pick axe to do that, or tree service companies have stump grinders.

Actually, I took the lazy route in removing my hedge and just cut the branches off at the ground, put shredded bark mulch down over the area, then spent one growing season pulling off any of the new shoots that grew until the roots finally died.  I would only recommend doing that if you are sure you never want to plant anything (including grass) in that spot again, otherwise the old roots will get in the way.  In my case, I was putting a mulch pathway down beside the new shrubs, which were offset from the old hedge so that the mulched area became a pathway for picking the fruit from the new shrubs. 

Hope that helps!


Teresa McLaren

Thanks! That does help. I think I'll try to get a stump grinder in as I would like to plant a nice fruit tree in that spot eventually.

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