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January 29, 2010


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Paula H

Don't get rid of your little ligularia! I have a puny specimen as well. It is in very dry shade-that I sometimes remember to water (the year my eaves were backed up-boy did that plant grow!). While it is not as impressive as a grossly watered ligularia, I do appreciate the uniqueness of its leaves and flowers. This year I am going to try some water retention crystals around it to see how that helps. I have heard that for thirsty plants you can "plant" them in a black garbage bag to help keep moisture at the roots. Maybe I should get another plant for comparison!

In response to how some featured gardeners care for their plots, I take from the article only what I think is useful. Extra water and fertilizer? No, thanks. Plant combinations and garden design ideas are usually what I am looking for. I think that some of the gardeners are older and have different thoughts toward garden maintenance than we do. In my older neighbourhood I see sprinklers on all day, lots of weed killer, and old gas mowers. I hope that the way that I approach gardening gives my neighbours ideas about what is possible without extra water or chemicals, and a person-powered mower.

Janice Miller-Young

Well said, Paula!  I agree with you about the older gardeners and also about the hope that our neighbours will learn from our own practices; my concern was more about the newer gardener who picks up a magazine and thinks that this is what they have to do in order to have a nice garden! 

Maybe we should start a little liguaria club!  I do like the yellow flowers in front of my blue garage, which is why Ive kept it this long!  Let me know how the garbage bag and crystals work.



I like the liguaria (sounds like iguana in my head) too, even though I've never heard of it until today... wouldn't a reasonable compromise be to water it from the rain barrels? That way it can drink all it wants.

Janice Miller-Young

Good point, Tatiana.  But you overestimate the amount of time I like to spend on garden maintenance!  Most plants in my garden have to fend for themselves with very little intervention from me, and I know I will never be motivated enough to hand water the ligularia as much as it needs to become such an impressive specimen!  Basically, Im lazy.  There, I said it!

philippines flower

Liguaria flowers is one of my favorite floral too ,coz if you notice it looks so elegant and fabulous,love it.



The fact your ligularia is so small might have more to do with its variety than with the amount of water you give it. "The Rocket' gets HUGE but other types not so much.

Also, gardening is all a matter of context and microclimates and specific situations. I have a 'The Rocket" variety in a low low low point in my garden that's in full shade. I think I watered it once last summer. Maybe twice. So, just as you wouldn't plant a hosta in the sun, don't plant one of these in a dry location! And I do nothing to maintain it during the summer.

Calgary Garden Coach

That's true Larry. It's supposed to be the Rocket, but perhaps it was mislabelled and it's a smaller variety. In any case, I don't have any moist shade areas, so this spring it's getting ripped out.

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