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January 26, 2010


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looks great! And I bet your garden will improve there, just because you'll be admiring it every time you walk in the house...

Christine B.

Spruce planted way too close to the house is endemic here in Alaska. I've often considered doing a photo post about the older houses here that almost always seem to have giant trees (but they were cute little 3 footers at planting, I'm sure) blocking the front door or walkway. Good for you for getting rid of it! I'm sure you are enjoying all that precious light that can come in now through your window.

Christine in Alaska

The Ms. S.

Yay!!! Now, come summer you will have to post the views from the inside looking out. I'm guessing they will be much nicer!

We did this at our last house and it brightened things up so much we starting using that room more because it now had a view.


Janice Miller-Young

Thanks for your support Christine!  I too, could walk around my neighbourhood and take many, many pictures of large trees that were planted in the wrong spot!  My sister-in-law just commented to me that forests of trees must tremble in fear when I walk through them, but the forests dont have to worry - they werent planted too close to my house 50 years ago!

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks JP.  It had better improve, cause my husband isnt going to let me take down another tree!

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