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November 02, 2009


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Like your stealing leaves story! Now I wish I put mine in plastic bags instead of these cool paper ones I found!

Noelle (azplantlady)

I love it!!! Hopefully, people will realize that they can actually use their bagged leaves to make their garden look better by adding nutrients to the soil.

Janice Miller-Young

What are you going to do with that paper bag, Allison? Compost I hope! Or where do you live.. Ill come steal it! ;-)




You are too good. I don't actually have a back yard, just tons of potted plants in the house and on my balcony. I am getting a lot of good ideas from you blog...so THANKS.

Janice Miller-Young

Too good?  Or crazy?  Sometimes Im not so sure...

Glad my blog is helping though!  Since you dont have a yard, have you considered a worm composter?  Your houseplants would love it!


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