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September 22, 2009


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Paula H

I love doing containers-though this year I knew I would be pressed for time so I skipped them. I am with you on wrapping things up...last night I wanted to garden, but it was dark by the time the kids got to bed! As for thoughts on your unfinished patio, it doesn't look like it needs any water and the fence doesn't need pruning! enjoy it as a "low maintenance" area.


Ah yes, you're right Paula, no watering and pruning in that area, but the spruce needles and cones constantly need to be swept...! A patio under a spruce tree is just an extremely bad idea. We do need to finish the patio up to the retaining wall, but we're actually going to remove some of the patio in the far corner under the tree. This project will have to wait until next year, though! Or maybe the year after...?

Jordan Hydro

Love is fair garden and marriage a field of nettles.

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