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September 20, 2009


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Kathy Morrison

I'd like to know how you overwintered your Russian Sage or did you treat it as an annual. I planted one last Spring (2009) and as of today (June 5,2010) I see no new growth. I love these plants and would like to know what to do to overwinter one of these. Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.
I just purchased a Lonicera "Dropmore Scarlet" and can't wait to get it established in my garden.

Janice Miller-Young

I do nothing special for the russian sage.  It does die back to almost the ground each winter, and I cut it down in spring.  Are you sure yours is dead?  There may be new growth coming up from ground level if you look closely.  I have another one in my front garden that I planted last spring and it is also coming up.  Congrats on the honeysuckle - another one of my favourite plants!
Good luck,

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