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June 12, 2009


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Paula H

I have an Endless Summer that I planted two years ago (and just moved last week). It came back nicely last year with lots of flowers-though they were not very large. I have moved it to try a cooler spot next to my rain barrel so I remember to water it. We'll see what happens!


This is great! Hydrangas may be my favorite flower, and I wasn't sure how they would do here. Can't wait until I have a 'real' garden and get to try them!


I have had a limelight flourish for 4 years now in a north facing front yard. It gets a fair bit of sun though, I didn't know they liked shade.
Bought it at the RCS...it grows back on it's old wood and doesn't die down.


I planted two endless summer plants, one anabelle and one pee-gee four years ago. They're planted on the east side garden, only getting a few hours of morning sun. I water them regularily. Last year I had 20-25 large, long lasting purple blooms each on the endless summers. They die back almost completely each winter but come back bigger and better every year from new growth. The pee-gee and annabelle are easy, they grow new from the ground, as well as from the old wood every year. I now have to start cutting htem back. They get many nice blooms every summer, but non as nice, or as rewarding as seeing the endless summer bloom every August.

Calgary Garden Coach

Good to know, thanks Jeff!


I have a lovely red flower from a plant I received in April as a gift, I put it into my barrel planter & was thrilled to see it bloom , now winter is soon approching & I'm wondering how to over-winter it...any ideas??

Ian Henderson

Is it possible to grow and overwinter Hydrangea's in Medicine Hat.

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