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June 07, 2009


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That's great you haven't lost anything! So far I don't think I have either. Some of my tomatoes have some sad looking tips of a few leaves, but otherwise everything seems happy. I've been covering with blankets every night just in case, and will be doing so for awhile if this weather continues!

Nest and Sparkle

Brrr! This weather has scuttled all my plans of planting warm soil veggies. I installed kozy koats on our tomato plants this year instead of the usual routine with blankets - this seems to be working well.

Paula H

Was poking around this morning and found some of the leaves on my kiwi were touched by frost-I hope the flower buds are okay. I was really looking forward to trying some fruit this year. Maybe I'll head out this week for some tomatoes...


I didn't actually get around to putting Kozy coats around all my tomatoes, but the unprotected ones are in a sheltered spot against a fence and made it through OK.
We should be safe from frost by now, I hope! Good luck with your tomatoes everyone!

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