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May 26, 2009


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I love seeing the updates of what is blooming in your garden. The poppy is stunning, and I have a soft spot for johnny jump up's. I discovered a rogue johnny jump up in my neglected side yard, between my composter and garbage can. Without doubt the ugliest part of my yard, yet that little purple face loves to smile up at me every day. It cheers me up to see a little splash of purple in an otherwise destitute area!


Everything Jennifer said... aaaaand now I know what that yellow flower in my yard is! Thanks!

Jenn Minardi

Very neat.
I love the pictures of the garden. Makes spring feel like it is really here. Yippee!!!


Thanks for your comments everyone! It is nice to hear from readers and to hear that the blog is helpful - makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time.
Glad you like the updates! I am going to try to keep them going all gardening season... let's see if I can manage that!
I like johnny jump-ups too! They spread everywhere but they're so small they don't really get in the way too much.
The crabapples and lilacs in my neighbourhood will be blooming soon - it is finally spring!

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