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May 18, 2009


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I planted a Dreamweaver Columnar Crabapple in my Ontario garden in 2009 and it bloomed beautifully. However, it did not bloom in 2010. It seems healthy so I am perplexed. Any ideas

Calgary Garden Coach

I can't speak from experience but I have read a couple of articles that describe Dreamweaver as a less-prolific bloomer than some other varieties. I actually planted two in 2009 (click on the link to the next post at the top of this page: columnar crabapple trees in the butterfly potager) and one bloomed this year more than the other - the one that gets a little more sun, of course! Would that be a factor for you?
Also, we need to give them another year or two to get established before we can expect best performance. Hope that helps,


I am in Calgary & thinking about getting a few Dreamweaver crabapple trees for my small backyard. Can anyone tell me if these trees are invasive? I've only managed to find a little info on google that suggests they're not invasive at all, but a second opinion would be nice, since my yard has underground utility lines along the back fence where I'd like to plant them. I'd be planting them 3-4 feet away from the utility line. Is that far enough away? Also, from what I've read, Dreamweavers range from 5-10' tall. What has been your experience with these? I'm hoping to screen the view of my backyard neighbour! Don't need the trees to be massively tall, just tall enough so *I* don't have to see the neighbour's porch! :)

Calgary Garden Coach

Not sure what you mean by invasive. They don't spread by suckers or anything for one thing. But you seem to be concerned about the roots breaking into pipes - no, I don't think that is a concern either. My trees are 3 years old now and definitely close to 10' tall. They make a great screen since they take up so little space. Still finding they don't bloom much, though.

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