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May 11, 2009


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Paula H

Are you using one of those black soakers? I had a lot of trouble with this technique when I tried it a couple of years ago-my hose did not seem to "leak" enough. You have inspired me to try again. My other option is to try using one of those green soakers that everyone uses for grass (bigger holes?). Keep us posted on your success!


Hi Paula,
It is a black soaker hose and it's a pretty slow leak, that's for sure. But I've noticed some soaker hoses definately "leak" faster than others. The green ones you mention are another option.
Also, I should have mentioned that I raised my barrels up on some cinder blocks and a platform, so that gravity does a little more work for me. The higher the better, obviously.
Good luck!


Ooo...good idea! One of mine cracked this year (since there was still so much water) on the very first freeze...dang! Going out to do this today!

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