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April 08, 2009


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I just saw sunnyside natural market in kensington sells High M
owing organic seeds (100% organic) that look good, going to go there today!

Claire Owens

Oh Michelle, thanks for posting that... I'm going to get the rest of my seeds at Sunnyside Natural Market.

I am a beginner and started my tomato seedlings mid-March and they started out really leggy (I don't have indoor lighting so I was depending on my very sunny west facing windows) so I transplanted them into bigger pots and planted the roots really deep - up to the first leaves. They're starting to become a bit more hardy so I hope some of them make it. They're really hairy though... is that a good or a bad thing? And do you have any other suggestions for how to help my little tomatoes? :)

Also, I've planeted some hot pepper seedlings and they aren't growing as fast as the tomatoes did... are they good to plant in containers? I don't think they're great in Calgary, but they're my hubby's favourite so I figured I would try.


I purchased an indoor mini green house from Canadian tire ( $ 30.00) the best idea ever, I put it by the window with the zipper closed for 3 days, now I just close it at night, open during the day and magic happened. Good luck gardeners, the sun is finally out.

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