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April 08, 2009


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Hi there,

Last spring you posted something about a 5 cubic yard compost delivery. I was wondering where you ordered that from, and what the delivery charge was. I too find myself in need of some compost, and don't know where to go for bulk.


Tatiana K.


Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for coming back to my blog after a whole year!

I just posted a bit more information about putting compost on the garden. I don't want people to think my recommendations are biased, so I generally try not to recommend specific companies publicly unless asked. I order my compost from Western Canada Compost and have always had good stuff from them, as have other members of the Calgary Horticultural Society who initially recommended this company to me. Western Canada Compost also supports the CHS as well as community events such as Seedy Saturday, so I like to give them my business.

The delivery charge is about $100 to you have to order quite a bit to make it worthwhile (hence the 5 cu. yards every other year!) Perhaps share with a neighbour? Another alternative is Sunnyside - they sell bulk so if you have a truck or a large vehicle you could use some big rubbermaid tubs or something. Also, Money's Mushrooms often has a free compost give-away around Mother's Day, but I don't know yet if they're doing it this year.

Hope that helps.




Thanks a bunch. I actually just found your site, and as is my habit, read the archives. That's how I found the compost post.

I do know about the mushroom farm - at least the one near Airdrie is still giving away compost the week before Mother's Day. It's now All Season Mushrooms (used to be Rol-land Farms). At other times they sell it for 10.00/pickup load if you load yourself.

I just didn't have a source for delivery if I needed it delivered. This is my first year gardening or growing anything, and I'm finding out lots of info. Mostly the hard way. :)

So... thanks for your help and I'm sure I'll be back frequently.



Thanks for the details on the mushroom compost! Happy gardening,


Be very careful with mushroom compost! It's usually still 'hot' (active nitrogen) and can burn plants.


Also good a good tip, caltran, thanks! Mushroom compost is not mature compost, and while I know people who have spread it on their gardens, one must be careful not to spread too much or to let it touch the plants. Most recommendations I've seen say to let it age for at least 6 months, which means if you wanted to use it now you should have got it in the fall!
If you Google "Spent Mushroom Substrate" (the proper name for the stuff), more information can easily be found.


I contacted All Seasons Mushrooms today (April 25, 2009) and they told me the Mushroom Compost Give Away will begin May 3rd to May 10th (2009). You have to load yourself until May 9th. On that day, they will have a loader available to put compost into the back of trucks. I have a minivan rather than a truck so I go out and load myself. If you are loading into garbage bags, I suggest taking a container like a garbage can to put the bag into while shoveling the compost into the bag. It is a lot easier than trying to put a shovel load into the bag while holding it.

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