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April 17, 2009


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This is a great idea, we have many wasps, so I will try the paper bag wasp nest and see if it works here too.


This doesn't work.



I will have to try this ~ in some years, the wasps are terrible here.


Hmmm, thanks for the link caltran! Interesting. As a scientist myself, it is hard to argue with a hard scientific study. Then again, I haven't read the actual study to decide for myself. However, as I mentioned, we have a gazillion places in our old, neglected (but slowly being fixed up!) backyard that have attracted wasps in the past, and anecdotally we have had 100% success with the paper bag nests. Go figure!


Oops, spoke too soon. I just went back to that link from Jim Hole's newsletter, to try to find some more information. I read it too fast last time - it wasn't even a study, just a reference to an entomologist who says wasps aren't territorial and therefore the fake nest strategy doesn't work. Well, with no more information than that, how is one supposed to decide what to believe? I'm sticking to my anecdotal evidence and keeping the paper bag nests!!


Gee, Dr. Fry co-wrote "Garden Bugs of Alberta".

What studies did you read that proved these paper bags work? Seems more like marketing to me.


Marketing for a brown paper poke and some string....

Garden Bags

Wow what a great idea. Im going to try this in my own garden

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