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April 27, 2009


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Hi there.. I was just looking around for more info on the mushroom compost giveaway.. where is the farm exactly? I looked up All Seasons and they seem to be based in B.C.


carol Burrows

I missed the mother's day give away . Is it still possible to get the mushroom compost? I use it to layer my household compost and the resulting finished black gold is fantastic


Calgary Garden Coach

You would have to contact the company, I don't know, I'm afraid.
Good luck!


i pick here year round, you canself load for free anytime or if you want the loader they charge $45 for a truckload. it makes a great fall mulch once the plants have died back and top dress on the lawn. the fall stuff is much lighter, drier and less'hot' than what you pick up in spring! currently they are loading thursdays 8-2 only. my neighbours are not fans of the scent though.

Calgary Garden Coach

Good to know Krissy, thanks! And if it still 'hot', then you could always stockpile it until spring. It can be smelly, I know!

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