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March 20, 2009


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And picking up all the garbage that has blown in!

I was wondering...many of my beds (some in the shade but some in the sun too!) are covered in ice...the foliage looks kind of green but it's frozen in and as it thaws it's looking mushy...i hope my plants will be okay :( the ice is very thick.


Right, thanks Kendra! And I guess I could have also added "pick up dog poop" before it snows again...
What kind of plants are you worried about? If they are perennials, then they will die back to the ground over the winter anyway, so it doesn't matter if their leaves get frozen. You can clean up the dead foliage as soon as the soil is dry enough to walk on. If they are evergreen (either perennials or shrubs) then they can definately take our winter temperatures and won't have been bothered a bit by being encased in ice.

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