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March 09, 2009


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Paula H

I wish that I would have thought of the "big trade". Maybe there is still time! BTW I have just found you and have enjoyed your garden commentary. Looking forward to watching your new front garden as I plant my new front garden-which is a lot bigger than I remember!

The Ms. S.

How exciting! Now you have time to dream about what you want to plant there. :)


Thanks Paula! I have some more thoughts on the rest of my front garden too so I will post on that soon.
And yes, Ms. S., I suppose I have more time to dream about what I want to put in the spot that my spruce will eventually vacate. But I already know, of course! I've been thinking about it for years which is why it's so hard to wait just one more year... Oh well, I have other projects in mind that will keep me busy this year. More soon,

Daniel Swan


If you're going to remove the stump yourself (Much better than grinding it), I recommend getting a "Contruction bar". It's 5' heavy iron bar with a sharp end, and makes quick work of digging any hole. They're about $20 at Totem.

Enriched by your blog as always,


Thanks for the tip, Daniel! Now my husband will have even less excuse...

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