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March 30, 2009


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Paula H

If you can catch new shipments at big box stores (my faves are Canadian Tire and Superstore) right when they come in, the plants are in good condition and are reasonably priced. Try Thursdays before a long weekend-even better ask the staff. I usually only go to the garden centres when I am looking for something unusual.


I highly recommend you go to the Calgary Horticultural Society plant exchange. You'll probably get everything for free. Heck, come to my yard, I'll give you some Autumn Joy and Catmint :)


You're right, the CHS Plant Share is a great place to get plants, especially for new gardeners. The plants there are generally ones that do well here because they're ones that have multiplied or outgrown their space in other people's gardens.
I have been before and it's a bit of a gamble -if you get drawn to pick plants early, then you get a great choice of plants. If you get drawn late (as has been my bad luck), then things are pretty picked over. But all in all it's a fun event and great chance to talk gardening with people. This year it's May 23 (and BTW you have to be a member.)


So what are good sources of bare root plants? Thanks--

Janice Miller-Young


That depends on where you are and what you want.  Many seed order companies also sell bare root perennials and they usually do just fine being in the post for a few days.  I could give you a few names if you like.  However, if youre not looking for special or hard-to-find varieties, then usually your local garden centre will have a good selection of common, easy-to-grow-in-your-area perennials available as bare root stock in spring.  Big box stores also carry some too but there is generally less selection and you will need to be a bit more vigilant in checking for problems like drying out, especially in bulbs.

Hope that helps,


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