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March 17, 2009


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I've just enjoyed reading about 20 of your posts. I read one and then got addicted because you are a good writer and you drew me in. I am also a Calgarian and so I felt I could really learn relevant stuff from reading your blog.

I came searching for info on the lifespan of columnar aspens and I still have not found it anywhere online. My mother in law said that they live about 15 years but I didn't believe her and so I started searching. One website says that the faster the tree grows, the shorter its lifespan.

I have a columnar aspen in my yard, probably about 12 years old. I really like the tree, but almost every spring it gets little worms that cocoon in rolled-up leaves and then eat the leaves. I try to pick off the leaves that are rolled up. It's getting so tall that now I can't reach most of the leaves. No leaves yet...

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Tania,
Thanks for the feedback! 
The lifespan of columnar aspens is generally defined as short which usually means max 50 years for a tree. 
I notice that the columnars leaf out a little bit later - there are lots of columnar aspens in my neighbourhood which are only leafing out now while the regular poplars started last week.
Hope that helps,

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