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March 25, 2009


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Paula H

I am always amazed at how many plants you need to fill in a space. I followed a garden layout one year (because I was strapped for time it seemed like an easy solution) that called for about three times the number of plants that I would have thought to fill the space. I grumbled all the way home from the garden centre about how much I spent. Well, I had the nicest garden ever (lots of comments from neighbours). Lessoned learned (don't be cheap!). More is definately more!

Shona Martinez

Variety is a good mindset when choosing plants for a garden project. Putting together a list of plants you want in your garden is a brilliant idea. By the way, I liked the name 'Adventure Garden' for your back hill garden. It certainly conjures up images of kids having fun in nature. :)

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Shona! A list helps me stay in control when I get to the garden centre and see all those lovely, tempting plants!

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