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February 27, 2009


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The Ms. S.

We took one down that was right in front of the livingroom window at our last house. It made an amazing difference to the light in the house, as we also realized we had a lovely view. I planted woodland plants and some small shrubs there and it blended beautifully with the other giant spruce in the front yard. Also, because our house was a bungalow, I think it put the landscaping in a better scale with the house.

I think you would both love the results if you did it.

Good luck!!

(you will have to post pics if you go ahead!)

Sophie Gabias-Moffat

How many dollars???? It is pretty expensive: we were looking into taking our spruce down too, as it is right beside my vegetable garden and blocks afternoon light... and lets face it: it has seen better days. The spruce dates from when the house was built, in 1959. It is an old man and he should retire. My neighbor would love it too. We already have 2 old Elm trees, two lilac trees, one old apple tree out of a fairy tale and a half-dead birch tree begging us for help. I am scared that if we do it ourselves, my husband will fall off the ladder or something like that... But I want it gone. Maybe we should throw a "Cut-The-Spruce-Party" and have our friends help us... Janice, you are invited!

Paula H

We had to take down our beautiful weeping birch last year (giant limbs kept falling off!), it cost $500.I opted to save a couple hundred dollars by not grinding out the stump-I incorporated it into my new garden. Plus I had the arborist cut the trunk into big sections for outdoor seats! By the way, did you know that your kids get spruce(or is it a pine?) trees in grade one for arbor day? I don't know why the city can't find a better tree to give out. The instructions are for a tree that gets 20m tall and 4m wide! Try explaining to your darling why you don't want their tree as part of the garden. (ours is currently near the giant spruce out back-sigh.)


Beautiful house with a plenty of huge and green tree. Thank you for sharing.

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i would love to see how you ''sustain'' a garden in a winter time, that would be amazing, anyway, i love your front door!

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