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December 31, 2008


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THe Ms. S

Good timing for this topic! Winter is planning time for the garden, and we are trying to decide what we are going to put in for trees on the sides of our back yard.

It is a mature lot, however, the only plantings are a row of spruce along the back that provide privacy. We want to tie it all together and are thinking of planting 'skybound' cedars, as they are supposed to be hardy and wind resistant in our zone 3.

We are also thinking of the 'sutherland' caragana, however, we live near a ravine and the common caragana and cotoneaster are both showing up in ravines in the city, apparently choking out native plants. The city is asking people to consider alternatives. Not sure if 'sutherland' would pose the same problem or not.

We tried a 'rosthern' columnar crab at our last house and it immediately got fireblight so we are a little scared off on those.

I've seen some gorgeous columnar pines around (not sure just which they are) and will look more into those.

This is a tough one! :)


An even better choice is the Iseli Columnar Spruce. They are grown at my tree nursery to caliper size. You can reach me by e-mail at [email protected]

Ken Wright

I like the River Birch - of local seed sources. It is relatively narrow with a small foot print - much more ornamental in the winter than Caragana or Swedish Col Aspen. I have some growing - been in the ground for 12 years and have never been watered. Very attractive with good bronzy red bark in the winter

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