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October 15, 2008


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Hiya Janice,

How nice to still have some white phlox around. I love the scent, typical summer's day smell. So nice with the Michaelmas Daisies.

And I also like the Autumn Joy sedum. That is a very healthy patch.

BTW, you are not easy to find. On my browser the address slipped off the side of the page. If you find you get few visitors, you may want to post again on Carol's page.


Our asters were just about to pop but now I fear they won't :(

How do you winter your Russian Sage, if you do at all? We just planted 10 of our own along our back hill. It's very exposed and I get mixed messages about their hardiness.


Carol, May Dreams Gardens

You have so many blooms still, it's hard to imagine they'll all be gone by next month. But you are zone 3...feel free to keep posting for bloom day to remind some of us that there are colder places than where we live (ha ha).

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

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