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May 26, 2008


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Linda Leys

People that have May Day trees really do need to give some consideration to their neighbors. My neighbors have a May Day tree (previous owners planted it) which is right next to my fence. I live in Calgary Alberta and I spend 5 to 6 months a year cleaning up after this tree. First comes the flowers that fall in to my yard, next comes the stems from the flowers and then the purple berries that stain everything and then the leaves. I have a lot of flower beds, so the seeds are continually growing in my flower beds. I also have two cats that are in the yard and they roll in the mess and bring it in the house. So,this is my spring , summer, fall, sweeping up after this tree, weeding after this tree or vacuuming after this tree. I take pride in my yard, but this tree is destroying my backyard, the seedling's are growing in my grass. the tree is sucking everything out of my flower beds beside it, that I have given up growing anything there. When I moved in to my house, the city planted a Popular tree, knowing the damage it was doing to my yard and my neighbors, I removed it. I replaced it with a Mountain Ash (we live in a matchbox community) another mistake (beautiful tree, but wrong place) with consideration of my neighbor, I removed it. If you know Calgary, you know we don't get a whole lot of really hot weather. So, my neighbors reason for keeping this tree is for the shade, isn't that nice, they get shade for those few times we have really hot days and I get 5 to 6 months of work and frustration. I can cause bad neighbor relations about this or put up a for sale! PLEASE, before planting a May Day tree consider the location and your neighbors, buy a sun awning!

Linda Wilson

You sound like a cry baby. Get over it!!! Put flower beds somewhere else. I know a May Day Tree doesn't create that much extra work.....Your blowing this out of proportion!!!

Ann Procter

Wow Linda Wilson...Linda Leys is not blowing this out of proportion at all! I also deal with the same situation and it can be extremely annoying. The largest part of this issues is the people that have these trees DO NOT keep them maintained. My neighbors have one in the front yard and one in their back yard as well as 2 massive pine trees. People should be more aware of the effects and comfort of their neighbors...the problem is that no one cares about the other person anymore

Calgary Garden Coach

People do seem to get emotional over tree issues! I agree, Maydays can be messy but if you value a mature tree, that may not be a good enough reason to cut it down. I can also say (from personal experience) that sometimes people inherit large trees and can't afford to have them removed or maintained properly, or at least not within a timeline that will please the neighbours...
In the meantime, a thick layer of mulch helps protect the garden!

Kyle O

To keep things little more positive here..... I am feeling a little guilty as I just purchase one because I know the spring flowering ranks up there for smell and colour. But my intention was to keep it maintained as a smaller ornimental tree. I do actally have horticulture as a background but I studied turf so my day to day knowlege on deciduous trees are not the greatest. Is it not possible to keep this maintained as a smaller tree? Or should return this sucker. Thanks,

Calgary Garden Coach

Hi Kyle,
I am not a tree expert either, but I do know that trees want to be the size they want to be, and trying to make them smaller will just weaken the tree... And be a lot of work! You should plant a tee that will be the appropriate size for the space at maturity.


Hi can anyone tell me how long a Mayday takes to settle in the ground, i have had one for nearly two years and no flowers yet and only tight buds on the tree at the moment, when are they supposed to flower? please help

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