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March 18, 2008


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Carol in Mass.

Welcome to blotanical. I'm happy to have found your blog. Looks like it will be a place where I will be able to glean some great ideas. Come by fora visit when you have a few minutes!

James Mann

Holy moly Janice, most of us are trying to make their lawns look better and you are telling us how to get rid of it.

Okay, seriously. Great tips.

We are just starting to learn backyard gardening and have a lot to learn but this tip will work great around the flower beds we have. The previous owners didn't take care of the yard and they are all over grown.

We have a great deal of work to do to really make it our own.

BTW: I found your site through Blotanical.


It's great to find another Canadian gardener below zone 4!

I've been doing a combination of raised beds and removing the sod/adding new soil depending on the situation. I have a very dry hillside in my front yard that I'm hoping to gradually cover with drought tolerant plants instead of lawn.


Nope. You won't find much information about taking care of lawns around here! I have a dog who "fertilizes" my small patch for me, so I don't bother doing anything else with it. I much prefer the diversity and visual interest of mixed perennials, shrubs and trees. It is said that lawns take more work than garden if you count all the fertilizing, watering and mowing time. It probably depends on your style and methods of gardening, but taking care of a garden isn't really work for me anyway. I think the Renegade Gardener said that mowing the lawn is the gardening equivalent of cleaning the toilet!!

Gardener Finder

I will be coming to calgary shortly and it is great to learn thaat there are many gardener fanatics there also.

Love from the UK

Johnny Greenthumb

I understand where your coming from if you want to completely remove your lawn to replace it with something but if its just for the sake of changing the grass doesnt this seem like an aweful lot of work? or is it just me?

Janice Miller-Young

Youre right.  Im assuming youd want to replace the grass with garden. Cause thats what Id want to do!


Look up sheet mulching on youtube. Lay cardboard down and voila, instant flowerbeds!

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Excellent tips, I wasn't sure which was the correct approach when dealing with unwanted lawn.

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