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October 02, 2012


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Did you paint the face pot?! I love it! I always admire people that grow lovely planters. I definitely need to work on my skills in this area. Beautiful arrangement of photos that you will be able to look back at when snow is blowing across your garden.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thank you! And yes, I did paint the face pot, thanks for noticing! I've always wanted a face pot to grow "hair" in, so this year I took it upon myself to make one.

Katy Eagles

Yes, I like to color pots too but I prefer to paint everything in blue and green only. Your garden is already colorful, and those wonderful pots that you painted made it even lovelier.

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Katy! Blue and green make a lovely combination too!


I felt the same, its totally a big lost but worthy at all, you know by only looking at the picture I can say that you keep them well and treated them nicely,

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