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June 30, 2012


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Properly installed edging is not visible. Most people have it far too high. The instructions on the packages are basically wrong.

Renegade Gardener has it right:

Calgary Garden Coach

True. Thanks for reminding me of that excellent article! But that gets at my other argument about it being more work to install the plastic edging than to just use an edging tool a couple of times a year! And I still think the freshly cut edge looks good!
Do you have plastic edging and no problems with it?

Jamie Keifer

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning and sit by your stairs and look at these beautiful flowers? The small ninebark Coppertina is a good choice because it's attractive and adds a different color to the bunch of flowers and plants. Its foliage reddens as the season progresses. Different colors in your garden make it more interesting, and green must always be seen as part of it. I absolutely adore your garden!

Calgary Garden Coach

Thank you Jamie, that is very kind of you! It's a bit of a hodge podge in places but I keep changes things to make it a little better each year and that's the fun of it. The front gets morning sun so it is an especially nice place to sit in the morning. And I really like Coppertina, too!

Katy Eagles

I understand why other gardeners can’t help but keep on extending their garden space. It’s because they never get tired, and they seem to never have enough of growing plants. Haha! My mom used to be like that. At first, my dad and I couldn’t get her, but upon seeing the results of her efforts, we just let her be. What mom wants, mom gets! At least, there’s something good in the endless planting - it beautifies the environment.

Elizaveta Kramer

“This garden is a work in progress”- Really? But it already looks wonderful to me! I wonder how beautiful it is now. Is it finished already? Having plants and flowers in your garden adds color to your surroundings, and it really looks great! I’m sure many people would adore that house for having such a lovely garden setting!

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Katy and Elizaveta! I also like to think that I am adding a diverse selection of plants to support our wild bird and insect populations as well!

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