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January 13, 2011


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Calgary web designer Steve Mullins

Beatiful shots! Some of those look like your garden belongs on Vancouver island, not Calgary. Great work!

Janice Miller-Young

Thanks Steve!  Thats one of the nicest thing you can say to a Calgary gardener! 
Yes, you can have beautiful gardens in Calgary, the only problem is that the growing season is so much shorter and condensed!  But for me, whose full-time work is fairly seasonal (busiest in the fall/winter), and who tends to garden like theres no tomorrow during the growing season, the long break is a good thing!  Although I typically dont feel that way in April/May...

Vanessa Weiss

Your pictures and comments are inspirational. I am a High River gardener and CHS member and I happened to google your blog twice this week when desperate for garden ideas. (I have exhausted my 10-year collection of gardening magazines and the local library.) Are you actually a garden coach or is that just your blog name?
Vanessa Weiss

Janice Miller-Young

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for saying hello! I too am desperate for green garden photos at this time of year!
This is also a good indication I need to revise my website - there is a link to My Services on the left so yes, I am actually a coach not just a blogger.

Annette Le Faive


My name is Annette, and first I'd like to compliment you on your wonderful, colourful gardening blog!

I have been spending the last few spring/summer on the PNW coast - now I'm staying in Calgary, and am focusing on working more on my gardens (most of which are wild....)

I was reading your blog of January 2011 - my back Shade Garden - the 1st 4some of photos includes on the bottom left something that looks like a chocolate lily - could you please tell me what it is? I am encouraged to see by this blog that ferns grow here! I must try this! :)

Calgary Garden Coach

Thanks Annette!
That would be fritillaria meleagris (checkered lily). It is a spring-blooming bulb that can be planted in fall. It does OK in my dry, shady site and has come back for several years now, but hasn't multiplied so I think I may plant some more this fall too!

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