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May 31, 2010


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Sensation always seems to dieback its first year. I've planted a few now and they always do that. They do much better the second year but you'll probably still get some dieback. For whatever reason they take a while to get established. Your reward though will be MASSIVE blooms - I got ones last year that were twelve inches long! IMHO they have the best lilac flower.

I'm surprised about TB. I planted Alexander McKenzie and John Davis last year, both about two weeks before the October frost (!) and they both came back very strong with very little dieback.

Janice Miller-Young

Good to know, about the Sensation.  I planted it for the unique white-edged flowers.  Hope I get some this year!  I noticed this morning the shrub is slowly starting to leaf out further up last years branches so there is still hope.

I was surprised about Therese too!  But she is in a very exposed location in my yard - on the top of a hill fully exposed to the west wind.


Paula H

My shrub roses out the front did not fare well this winter either. I am hoping for some growth before I get pruning - maybe it won't be as bad as it looks! I am fighting a losing battle with delphinium worm this year. Originally I thought the kids trampled them, but no, it was bugs.

I feel lucky that my newly planted Sensation made it through - I await the blooms as I write.


Hi, janice, is it good time to transplant tomato now, because warmer now, and seedlings get leggy inside the house.



For the delph worm, cut back the foliage. The delphs will come back just fine.

It's a fine time to take the tomatoes out.

Janice Miller-Young

I agree with awfawef on both counts - I just wasnt fast enough in replying!  Your delphiniums will bloom a little later than usual but will otherwise be fine.



Hi Janice, I have a question, I planted some lavatera seedling by the porch 2 weeks ago, all sprouting, and I transplant corn around them with bean and zuchinni right now. So, should I pull all lavatera seedling , or can I leave them grow there with corn together? Thanks.

Janice Miller-Young

That mostly depends on how close they are together and what you want to do with the lavatera.  Its probably best to move it since the corn and zucchini plants will get huge (especially the zucchini!), and lavatera isnt that small either.  If you dig it up carefully you may be able to transplant it elsewhere.  Alternatively, if you think there may be enough space, you could leave it for now and just pull it later if it starts to get in the way - but when its bigger you may not be able to save it and move it.  Ive read in some sources that lavatera doesnt like transplanting but Ive never had a problem when its small.
Hope that helps,

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