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May 01, 2009


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Paula H

5:15 am?? I could get so much done if that time existed at my house! In my garden, we do evenings. I have pruned my ugly honeysuckle monstrosity-should it stay or go? can't decide. Planned my plant layout for the big front garden. Cut down perennials. And planted some broad beans, lettuce, carrots, and parsnips. Oh, and set up rain barrels. Good luck with your retaining wall.


Actually, I keep trying to reset the time, but it always seems stamp posts one hour earlier than they actually occurred. Is 6:15 more reasonable? (I am a morning person!)
Good luck with your new front garden - send me some pictures once things start growing!

Paula H

While I would like to think that 6:15 is early, I am usally awakened by the smaller, time ignorant folk of my home around then!

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